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Find Out What Elderly Daycare is All About

Choosing an elderly daycare can be a great way to make sure that a senior gets out and about. Often, seniors stay home all day long. They may read or spend their time in front of the TV. However, they’re not getting any kind of socialization in.


That can change with elderly daycare. It is just what it sounds like – a daycare for the elderly. Socialization takes place with all of the others who are at the care center. Conversations take place, games are played, and various events are held. It can serve as a great way to get out and meet new people in order to avoid dementia and other health concerns.


Particularly when a senior is alone with no nearby relatives to look after them, an elderly daycare can be a great program to explore. At Kang Hua Adult Day Care Center, we’re excited to offer an incredible social calendar for seniors to take advantage of in Flushing.