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Give Mom or Dad a Trip to a Senior Daycare

Seniors tend to become more sedentary and closed in as they get older. However, countless studies have shown that the mind remains sharper when they are regularly involved in social activities. It’s why going to a senior daycare periodically is a great idea.


At Kang Hua Adult Day Care Center, we welcome seniors of all ages. We have an amazing program of activities that take place every day. When you want to make sure that an elderly parent is getting “out and about” in Flushing, NY, we have the solution for you.


With our senior daycare, seniors have the opportunity to meet people, get involved in more activities, and have meaningful conversations with people their own age. It can be a great experience to expose a senior to, whether it’s daily or occasionally. You might be surprised at how their personality changes for the better when they break up the monotony of their day.